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Land for Sale in Amite County MS

Are you a lover of nature and outdoor life? If so, you will find many reasons to purchase land for sale in Amite County MS. For people who love a natural and peaceful life, Amite County Mississippi is the ideal place to make a real estate investment.

Land values in Amite County, MS have held steady over time. So, buying land or a home in Amite County, MS is a good idea.

If you are looking for a stress-free lifestyle Amite County is perfect for you. There are large open pasture and ranch lands with beautiful cabins and natural lakes and streams. Likewise, it has become a perfect location for deer and turkey hunters and for men that love to fish. Deer hunters harvest around 280,000 deer yearly in Mississippi making for some great family and friend times.

Being able to enjoy Mississippi’s best hunting & fishing in a warm and friendly atmosphere is something Amite County Mississippi is known for. 

Lake Tangipahoa

Live in Paradise

The idea of enjoying the outdoors whenever you want & the gorgeous natural environment that South Mississippi & Amite County offers is exciting. For example, visiting Percy Quin State Park near Amite County Mississippi is an option you can’t miss. There is Lake Tangipahoa with its beautiful sunsets right next door in Pike County. 

Imagine living near this natural beauty. The stunning landscapes will wrap you by living near Percy Quin State Park or even in another Amite County area. Pike County inhabitants enjoy nice weekends in this park. And with Percy Quin State Park only a few miles from Amite County, you can have picnics, play sports with your children, and go hiking with family and friends within minutes of your camp or home. If you need an appraisal for land or a new home in Amite County or Liberty Mississippi check out our vetted vendor Advanced Appraisal Solutions. Just go to their website and ask for Cliff.


Whatever outdoor pastime you like, you can enjoy it in Amite County Mississippi. Amite County’s climate allows you to enjoy these activities most of the year.

Also, in Amite County, MS, you will find:

• Good pasture and ranch land for horses and cows

• Relaxing hunting hunting cabins

• Perfect lakes and streams for hunting and fishing

• Timberland for investments and recreation

• And even more.

The Hospitality of Amite County Mississippi Landowners Will Make You Stay 

Mississippi is known as the Hospitality State. Buying land for sale in Amite county Mississippi, you will be part of a welcoming community.

Do you like the idea of having new hunting friends and barbecue parties? You can get that and more here. Amite County Mississippi has the type of landowners that you can settle your family with. 


Other Benefits From Land for Sale in Amite County MS

Besides the beauty that will surround you by acquiring a property here, you can take advantage of additional benefits such as

• You will spend less money living here. Almost everything is cheaper in Amite County, MS from property taxes to public services.

• Are you thinking of sending your children to the University? So, consider living in Mississippi. The cost of university education in this state is among the lowest in the country and there are several recognized higher education institutes here.

• Are you a food lover? In Amite County, MS you’ll experience the delicious taste of home-style southern cooking. 


Rental Cabin

How to Find the Best land for sale in Amite County, MS?

Amite County Mississippi is a large geographic area, it is not an easy task to find Amite County Mississippi land for sale that most suits you. Therefore, you will require the help of local real estate professionals. Doug Rushing Realty has the expert team that can perform the necessary search for that perfect land for sale in Amite County MS. 

Doug Rushing Realty will offer you the land, home, or cabin you wish to enjoy the unique experiences that Amite County Mississippi offers. We also have many listings in Pike County and Walthall County.